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A Symphony Of Praise

"The windchimes seemed to play their own song of praise..."

It had been too hot for months to sit outside on our screened-in porch: my usual morning sanctuary. The blistering, humid heat from an unusual southern summer had left us with tormenting temperatures. At times the forecast was nearing 115-120 degrees with the humidity and warnings of a heat risk throughout the day. Even from early in the day to late at night it was far too hot. I had to shelter indoors for much of July and all of August while I peeked through the doors to my neglected porch with a longing heart.

Finally, a break in the heatwave brought cooler temperatures with the promise of Fall approaching. September seemed to promise relief. I was relieved to return to my sanctuary outside to start the day praising and worshiping the Savior.

"Water cascading over the rocks created a song of praise..."

As I settled into my familiar chair with my cup of coffee, journal, and Bible I turned on the switch to the waterfall. I sighed with gratitude as the familiar cascade of water trickled over the rocks and back into the large pond in a familiar and comforting song.

There was no need to turn on the fans as the cool morning air was enjoyable in itself. A gentle breeze tickled my face and stirred the wind chimes hanging all around the porch. And with each breeze as the wind chimes swayed, my heart lifted to the symphony of praise they seemed to play of their own accord: a beautiful song written in the wind.

Soon, cardinals filled the trees in my back yard and many gathered in the pink-blossoming, crepe myrtle tree above the waterfall. They too seemed to relish the cooler weather as though relishing in play. And the birds seemed to chirp their song to one another and the Creator in worship. I laughed in delight.

"Cardinals called out their love songs in worship..."

My heart lifted higher as cardinals are my favorite birds. My soul relished in the symphony of praise displayed in creation that morning. I lift my voice too in a childlike song as I delighted in the simple pleasures of that cool morning and a reminder of God’s goodness.

His symphony is all around us if we have but ears and a heart to hear.


When your heart seeks Me out, I delight to show you My love and faithfulness as well. Creation is but a picture of My delight over you. And like the music in a waterfall, the dancing wind chimes, or singing birds, My love song calls out to you. Come and worship Me as well in a symphony of praise.

“Sing the LORD, all the earth; proclaim His salvation day after day.” (1 Chronicles 16:23)

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Sep 08, 2023

Love this Melanie! My grandmother loved Cardinals and I have such sweet memories of my childhood times with her...this took me back! God is so good to us and surrounds us with such beauty and breathtaking splendor!

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