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God Says You Are:

"God says you are His beloved one."

God Says You Are:

Adopted and Adored

Beloved and Beautiful

Cherished and Comforted

Delightful and Desired

Enjoyable and Enigmatic

Faithful and Fabulous

Generous and Gregarious

Heartfelt and Hopeful

Ingenious and Included

Joyful and Justified

Kind and Known

Loved and Likeable

Marvelous and Mysterious

Named and Nurtured

Open-hearted and Optimistic

Passionate and Playful

Queenly with a Quiet spirit

Righteous and Royal

Sanctified and God’s Saint

Thoughtful and Thankful

Unique and Understood

Victorious and Valued

Wanted and Wonderfully made

Xtra Special

Youthful and Yielded

God says you are His beloved one. You are all of this and MORE!

(By: Melanie Boutiette, circa April 15, 2021.)

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