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I Have A Horse

"I have a horse named Pride."

I have a horse named Pride

I keep it housed in the barn

Of my self-will

And stubborn decisions.

I have a horse named Pride

I feed it regularly

In the paddock and field

Of my vanity and ego.

I have a horse named Pride

That I like to saddle up and

Ride on through trails

Of my self-determination.

I have a horse named Pride

That I steer with the bridle

And reins of my reckless

Self-assured ability.

My horse named Pride

Is hard to control

And gallops off

On its destructive path.

And my horse named Pride

Has led me to a fall

And injury to more than

Just my ego.

I didn't listen to my instructors

Called wisdom and caution

But I saddled up Pride

And rode off to my own demise.

Pain has taught me

It's time to get off my high horse

Called Pride and relinquish the reins

Of my life to God who knows best.

(By: Melanie Boutiette, circa March 2021; written as I still struggle to overcome my injury from a fall off a horse.)


Darlene Hardin
Darlene Hardin








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