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The Story of Beloved

What does it mean to be the beloved? To truly know that you are simply loved by the Creator?


Beloved means to be dearly loved or a much-loved person. Some definitions for beloved are: cherished, much adored, favored, esteemed, special, honored, endearing one, favorite, treasured, loved unconditionally and without any limitations.


And to be beloved is to know that deep, true, affectionate, genuine, faithful, devoted, constant, loyal, unwearyingly, committed and unconditional love from another. It’s to know with certainty and to have unquestioning assurance that you are totally, fully, and completely loved. It’s the purest of love, that truthfully only God can give us consistently or in its purest form.


To be God’s beloved is to experience His unconditional love and His unrelenting goodness. It’s not a life based on our behavior, but rather on knowing God’s faithful and loyal behavior or devotion towards us.


Once we grasp even a small measure of His goodness and His view of us, it is freeing.


So many of us try to find life in others, in our performance, jobs, accomplishments, possessions or seemingly good behavior. Or many of us find comfort in our good works. As long as we’re behaving well, we think we’ve earned or experienced God’s love. But if we fail to attend church, give, perform or confess a sin or wrong, we can feel as though God is disappointed or displeased with us. This is to know conditional love.


But what if that whole paradigm is wrong? What if we were to know the goodness and love of God simply because we were created in His image? What if we were to know His approval and love simply because we’re His children? What does it mean to know we were created in His likeness as human beings? What does it mean to just BE? Not do. Not perform. Not accomplish. Not succeed. To just rest and surrender to His goodness and experience His love because He is good? And then to live from that foundation.


We are not human doings but human beings. And God also longs for us to discover the depths of His unrelenting love by being in relationship with Him—not doing things for Him, having a religion or living our own life stories of performance based on fear or expectations, but resting and living in His love as His treasured ones.


You are His beloved. Just be. Just be cherished and adored and start experiencing the depths of His love for you! This blog is designed to help you begin to explore being His beloved and all that the BELOVED GOD desires for you.



A passionate lover of Jesus, of coffee, and chocolate, I love just about all things creative. My creativity finds its expression in: writing, painting, crafting homemade cards, gardening, throwing a party, reading, exercising or hiking, traveling, cooking, and playing with my grandchildren. I especially love to encourage others through a timely note of encouragement or through the inspiring words in a story, poetry, prose or humor. I never meet a stranger, as God gave me a social personality and writing is just really talking to others on paper or through electronic forms. 

A former magazine and freelance writer and retired teacher, I now blog regularly here at Just Be-Loved and am a contributing writer and artist for:

All Scriptures Quotations Are From the Following Sources:

New American Standard Bible (NASB), The New King James Bible (NKJV), The Passion Translation (TPT), The Message (MSG), New International Version (NIV), Amplified Bible (AMP), and American Standard Version (ASV).

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