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Eternity's Fragrance

"Wear Me like a fragrant perfume."

As I reached inside the gift sack, I was surprised with a bottle of perfume I had never tried before. The trade mark brand of "Eternity" perfume by Calvin Klein was both light and refreshing. I instantly loved the new fragrance my oldest sister had given me one year for my birthday.

Since that time, I now wear the perfume regularly. It takes first place in favorites compared to all my other colognes. While standing before the bathroom mirror one morning, I reflected on the fragrance's namesake. My gift of eternal salvation had also come through this same sister during my late teenage years as she had influenced my life. Shortly after that, I had committed my life to Jesus Christ. Now my whole life for decades, indeed eternity, has been affected by that experience.

The perfume brought the flood of memories back and reflections about life. Eternity is not just the name of a perfume, but something we can actually wear like a delicate cologne. The life of Christ should be so evident that it's like a fragrant, attractive, pleasant perfume drawing others to its beauty.

We are to be His light in the darkness, examples of His kingdom and like a sweet aroma before all. Not all people though will care for the life-giving fragrance. Some will even be offended by eternity's scent, but then others will be drawn to its essence. But just like the cologne that must be applied daily or it fades, the Christian walk is a daily application as well. When we so exude His very Presence, many people can't help but say, "What is that I smell? Tell me about this perfume you wear, tell me about eternity."


You are My great joy. Just as you delight in Me, so I delight in you. Continue to walk in My love, life, and light for you. Wear Me like a favorite perfume to draw others to My beauty, life, and salvation. You point others to eternity and to Me just by being you.

"Draw others to My beauty."

"For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing; to the one an aroma from death to death, to the other an aroma from life to life..." (II Cor. 2: 15-16)


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