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Fall Relief

"Fall brings relief from the heat..."

Fall has officially arrived. After the blistering heat of summer and a slow transition into Fall, the heat index finally dropped to cooler temperatures here in Arkansas this past week.

Fall is probably my favorite time of the year if I were to choose one season. The cooler temperatures are as if you’re invigorated with a breath of fresh air and life: literally.

And I love the changing foliage that brings delight to the eyes. It’s as if the Master Artist, suddenly bored with the color green, has decided to paint a multicolored tapestry on the canvas of trees. Arkansas, known as the Natural State, is a beautiful state—especially in the Fall.

Cooler temperatures invigorate me once again.

The summer with its record-breaking heat index made it miserable to even step outside. The swimming pools felt like bathwater. So, Fall was welcomed with open arms and a huge sigh of relief.

Summer reminded me of so many trials different friends and family members were facing. They were in a heated battle of difficulties that seemed to never offer relief on the horizon. It was easy to lose hope with the ongoing suffering or trials.

"Do you need a respite from life's trials...?"

But the burdens were lifted like a cool Fall Day that brought relief from the heated trials of life when the job finally came through, the cancer patient was officially in remission, and the prodigal child returned home. The season of life had changed and shifted offering refreshing hope again.

What trials are wearing you down? Can you lift your eyes to God and look at creation as a sign of hope? He will not abandon you in the heated places of affliction, rather He wants to offer you a cool respite from difficulties by resting in Him. He’s your Helper fall into His Arms and He will offer you relief.


Are you weary from life’s trials? Come unto Me and I will be your shelter from the heat or your relief like the shade of a sheltering tree. I offer you hope and peace of mind no matter what difficulties afflict you. You are My beloved one.

“Come unto Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest...” (Matthew 11:28)

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07 nov. 2023

You write as though you are painting pictures with words, all inspired by God. He truly is the Master artist , and I loved the thought that He decided to change the color scheme for us! I agree that fall is refreshing and invigorating. The last blast of color eases us into winter . God bless your writings.


04 nov. 2023

Fall is good, but I love Summer n Spring

after being cold for eons spring breaks n everything vegans to bloom

then summer, kids out of school, enjoying family and vacation time !! but I love you and your blogs n poems

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