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"My soul awakens to greet a new day with You."

My soul awakens

As my mind and body

Move from slumber

As I greet another day

In anticipation with You.

I love the stillness

Of the morning

The quiet holy hush;

It’s as though I can hear

Your Breath in the

Whispering of the wind.

The birds begin to stir

And greet the daylight

With song as though

Beckoning me to come

And worship You too.

The wind chimes

Faintly tinkle in the

Soft morning breeze

Like a whisper and call

To come abide with You.

The trees outside

Gently sway in the wind

With arms extended wide

And raised in surrender

Toward the rising sun.

I lift my arms too

In worship of the Son

And drink in Your Presence

As my body and spirit awaken

To greet You and another day.

(By: Melanie Boutiette, circa, 2006. Reflections as I awaken to greet another day with my Creator.)


Unknown member
Aug 13, 2021

Beautiful reading as I sit at the river 😇


Aug 12, 2021

Your breath whispering in the wind - the Spirit for sure ❤️🙏🏻


Aug 11, 2021

Love the second verse of “Awaken “. It really captures that moment of sensing God. Really beautiful

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