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Did You Love ME Best?

"Did you hear the widow's cry?"

Did you hear the cry of anguish,

And help the widow in need?

Did you give to the beggar,

Or simply turn your head?

Did you watch the news,

In curiosity and dismay?

Then changed the channel,

When people asked for bread?

Was your heart turned tender,

At the cries of the orphan?

"Did you give the orphans' bread?"

Or the homeless family,

That had no bed?

Did you give an offering,

And make a sacrifice?

Or quickly walk away,

With false promises instead?

Were you too busy to listen,

To the sorrows of another?

Made assurances you’d pray,

With the empty words you said.

Did you visit the sick or imprisoned,

Bringing hope to the hurting and lost?

Or were you simply far too busy,

And after counting the cost, fled?

Did you spend your life for others,

And pay the ultimate price?

Or was it too costly and timely,

And left you with dread?

For you see it was My cry and anguish,

In all these suffering ones.

And if you loved them truly,

Then you also loved Me best.

"Did you see Me in the homeless?"

(By: Melanie Boutiette, circa May 4, 2021.)

1 Comment

May 05, 2021

What it means to see the face of Jesus in front of us! 😘🙏🏻

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