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I Am An Olympic Champion

"I made the Olympic team this year..."

What so few of you know about me is that I am a winter Olympian this year. I not only qualified, I made the team!

Well, my own team that is…

While out hiking on a simple and beautiful tree-lined trail right around Christmas, I was enjoying the view and unusually warm day. The river trail near my home is one of my favorite places to hike. It’s not difficult at all and winds through a hilly and picturesque part of Little Rock overlooking a stream. But a simple step down on the trail that day and I twisted my ankle on a loose rock. And the rest was history. I limped back to my car and assumed it was a minor injury.

I didn’t know I had also fractured my foot. With each passing day, with the limping, pain, and swelling, it became obvious something was terribly wrong. My husband said, “When are you going to see a doctor?” The first one recommended surgery.

Instead, I found a new Olympian trainer (podiatrist). This doctor placed me in a very special athletic (orthopedic) boot with harsh instructions to COMPLETELY stay off my foot to allow it to heal for at least 6 weeks to avoid surgical intervention. It’s fashionably black and reminds me of a ski boot. But it inflates and also matches all my stretch pants and athletic clothing. And with just the right amount of imagination, I’m flying down those ski runs and winning medals.

"I'm flying down those ski runs in my imagination..."

The new scooter I have is complete with a basket. I can kneel or sit on the cushioned seat. My scooter merits its own Olympic category. I’ve mastered this new sport and have learned to fly around the first level of my home turning sharp corners like an agile athlete! I think I’ve broken a few speed records too. Honestly, I’m having a little too much fun with my scooter. But it saves me a lot of frustration, time, and effort. I’ve already won gold and displaced all the competition. Well in my own mind anyway!

"My scooter merits its own Olympic category..."

Then, I have also learned to compete in a sort of pole-vaulting competition that requires extreme upper body strength, along with balance and agility. This sport is not for your average athlete. I almost didn’t make it to the competition this year with my beautiful silver crutches. It requires endurance training, especially balancing on my one good leg! I will be lucky to even place in the bronze category. But my abilities are growing as I move about more and more into this particular sport. So, watch out world!

"Watch out world..."

After seeing my doctor again today, I was told my competition would continue for 3 more weeks. Thankfully another X-ray showed that the others were wrong about the surgery. I am healing: as long as I follow the doctor’s orders. Then I will see my special trainer again...

It’s been challenging training at home—that is learning to really be still while my ankle and foot heal. And given that it’s my right foot, I’m really homebound! Regardless, I am a champion! Of sorts…

And facing yet another major injury may hold me down or hold me back for a season. But once again, I’m learning to be still, and to surrender “all my plans” to God. Again, several trips were canceled, my gym membership and other activities were placed on hold and more.

I’m learning to “count it all joy” and run my race with endurance as I press on toward the prize in Christ Jesus. He has made me a champion and more than a conqueror! And that’s winning gold every time!

If you too continue to face unwanted trials, can you surrender your expectations to God? Can you learn to rest and trust in His goodness in the face of adversity? He is always for you. Always! And He is cheering you on or bringing correction like a coach to produce the very best in you. You are a champion too!

"And that's winning gold every time..."


Do you know that I am for you and not against you? In times of trials, suffering, and deep disappointment cling to Me, trust Me. Lean on Me like the support of a crutch for a season. Press on in your faith journey for the great reward and eternal prize in Christ Jesus. I am cheering you on beloved. You are an overcomer and champion.

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14)

“Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…” (Hebrews 12:1b)

"Run your race with endurance and press on..."


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