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Man Of Sorrows

"The Man of Sorrows died for us..."

Man of sorrows

Acquainted with grief,

Suffered such anguish

That I might have peace.

Your nation rejected You

As Messiah and King,

You wept with sorrow

For the judgment it would bring.

A close friend betrayed You

With just a small kiss,

For Judas thought silver

Would bring him bliss.

Peter denied You

On three separate times,

And fled when he saw

The sorrow in Your eyes.

The Kings of Kings

The crowds condemned,

Then on a rugged cross

The soldiers crucified Him.

No others followed

Few disciples or friends,

Only Your mother and a few

Witnessed Your end.

The Jews conspired

For Your torture and death,

While the Romans mocked until

You drew Your last breath.

Man of sorrows

Who in the end,

Was betrayed, abandoned

Even by followers and friends.

Man of sorrows

Do I cause you pain,

When I reject You

And deny Your name?

Do I like Judas

Sell You out for so little,

Or deny that I know You

And then Christ belittle?

Man of sorrows

Do I bring You grief,

When I deny Your life

Or Your Presence in me?

Have I like the crowds

Judged and condemned,

When I didn’t know Your ways

Would I do it again?

Have I turned and fled

When You grieve or suffer,

Do I act like so many

Unfaithful others?

Would I go so far

As to conspire Your death,

Then stand and mock while

You drew Your last breath?

Man of sorrows

Acquainted with grief,

I pray You find me faithful

And Your heart finds peace.

(Let us remember He gave His life for us so that we might have life!)

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Shelley Wadley Vance
Shelley Wadley Vance
Apr 08, 2023

Wow amazing Mel!! Thanks

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