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New Beginnings

"Do you need to make a change...?"

Are you in need of a new beginning? Maybe you want a change in your relationship, a career change, or a lifestyle change.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs and we are forced to make changes or have a new beginning. But there are hidden blessings in making those necessary changes.

Take a friend of mine that went through a painful and unwanted divorce after years in a difficult marriage. Afterward, she decided to sell the big house she’d made so many memories while raising children. It was time for a change she said. Plus, she wanted to start over and have the freedom to choose what fit her personality. Buying a new smaller home also freed her to choose everything from tile and flooring, to house paint colors and even new pieces of furniture. She finds joy in her fresh start.

"A lost job opened doors for a career change..."

Or take my daughter. She was forced into a major career shift this past year after she was laid off during the pandemic. As a clothing designer, there weren’t any other options living in Arkansas. Instead, she went back to school, got a teaching degree, and was hired as an elementary art teacher this fall. She has truly found her calling and passion for teaching children of all ages at an inner-city school. A painful layoff opened new doors of opportunity and much better holidays, work hours, vacations, and time off. With young children, it’s a blessing.

Maybe it’s time to make some health changes and use this as a new beginning. I for one have rejoined the gym and am trying some different exercise classes. After several years of illness, injuries, and surgeries, I’m ready for some new forms of exercise. And I’m trying classes that are less demanding on my physical body—like an easy senior weights class or a new Pilates class, or a yoga stretch class. I’m certainly ready for new things!

"Challenges can be opportunties to try something new..."

Whatever challenges you face look for the silver lining and look for the hidden opportunities presented. You just might find you like a new start too.

And God is the author of new beginnings as well! His mercies are new every day!


Come to Me when you face challenges and trials in this life. Do you not know that I am for you and not against you? I can take any difficulty and work it for good as you entrust your heart and life into My hands. I can make all things new and give you a new beginning. Trust Me. Come to Me beloved one.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing...!” (Isaiah 43: 18)


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