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Shattered Dreams

"Her life was completely shattered."

This surgeon was a highly successful physician in high demand. Married to another doctor, they had the beautifully and professionally decorated home, the envied lifestyle, the fine dining, parties, travel, high society living... But in one car accident, her life was completely shattered, along with most of the bones in her body. And when her husband realized his once successful wife could no longer practice and was handicapped herself, he announced his leaving. In the darkest chapter of her life: her health, career, and marriage were shattered. The divorce meant she also had to sell her dream home, while she learned to simply walk again...

But true to His goodness, as she learned to walk again, God opened a door that gave her a pathway to a new career.

"Her dreams were shattered..."

It was supposed to be the day of her dreams: she was finally marrying her college sweetheart and they would soon start their lives together. The deposits were made, along with all the reservations. The invitations were sent; the cake, flowers, and food were ordered. The dress was purchased and perfectly altered; the parties were thrown. Finally, the big day was here. But the day of the wedding, he cruelly announced that he simply could not go through with their vows and left her shattered heart and shattered dreams at the altar...

In time, her heart was healed. She fell in love again, married, and built a new life.

"The family was shattered..."

He had been sick for several years, but then he was placed on a transplant list. He and his wife moved to the large city where the specialty hospital assured them with the hopes of a successful liver transplant. Finally, the miracle donor organ arrived, and family and friends were all hopeful. It was a perfect match! While rolling the man into transplant surgery, he coded with an unexpected heart attack. Though the medical staff revived him; the family was shattered to learn that he was no longer a valid candidate. Not now. Not ever. Within days he left his wife, children, family, and friends devastated when he died...

Devastation and loss could have defeated this grieving widow, but instead she turned her tears and sorrow to compassion to help others. Now this widow ministers daily to others.

Have you ever been so shattered, like these friends, that you could not stand up or get out of bed? Feeling grief so overwhelming you couldn't function? Where the once beautiful promises of your life held such awe, wonder, and hope for your future seem shattered beyond life itself?

Have you despaired to the point of even giving up on life itself?

Your Beloved comes to you in those darkest of moments. He picks you up and holds you close to His heart and whispers, “You are safe in My arms. I will never leave you or forsake you.” Beloved comes to dry every tear, heal every hurt, and to make you whole again. He comes and will carry you, until you can walk again. He comes and collects every tear you cry. Beloved comes to make you whole again. He comes to give you new dreams from the places you were shattered, like a broken piece of pottery that seems beyond repair, He will make something new.

Will you entrust your heart to Him? Allow Him to do what only God can do. Allow Him to heal the shattered places, until you have hope again. And dare to believe He will give you new dreams?

Crawl into His waiting arms today and pour out your heart. He is waiting.

"You are safe in My arms."


My beloved daughter: I see your heartbreak and your shattered dreams. Come to Me. I know you are weary and broken. I am the only One who can repair the damage that has been done to you through the suffering and loss you have experienced living in this fallen world.

I see the tears you shed at night, or when you think no one sees. I see it all. Your tears I collect in a special bottle reserved just for you. Your tears are precious in My sight no matter how many you cry or for how long. And because I Am God, I can take what the enemy intended for evil and work it in to a beautiful mosaic of My restorative work in your life. Do you trust Me beloved? Can you really trust that I can make all things new? Rest in My eternal arms of love for you. Pour out your heart to Me. Let Me heal you. You are safe with Me.

“But My salvation will last forever, and My righteousness will never be shattered.” (Isaiah 51:6b HCSB) “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10 ESV)

"I will make all things new."

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21 feb 2021

Amen Sister! "You are the lifter of my head..." Psalm 3:3

Me gusta
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