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Take Me To The Fair

"As a child, I loved going to the fair..."

As I child, I loved going to the fall fair. Not only did it signal that fall was here, but it was a special time to ride the rides, walk through the gallery of games trying my hand at winning a coveted prize, or experiencing the different foods. The fair was always a delight with the different shows, whether it was the rodeo, attending an evening concert, or just going to a 4-H shows with the variety of animals on display.

The fair takes me back to my childhood every year. I can no longer ride many of the rides: the tilt-a-whirl leaves me spinning long after the ride has stopped, even the carousel with the horses bobbing up and down while slowly turning in a circle can leave me feeling dizzy. My back can’t handle the bumper cars any longer. Now I’m reduced to observing or just riding a few kiddy rides with my grandchildren or the Ferris wheel where I feel like I can see forever stretching above the grounds. But regardless, I love the whole atmosphere of the fair and just delight in taking my grandchildren and watching them squeal with joy.

Feasting on the carnival food is always fun: the smell of corn dogs fills the air, chewy caramel apples are on display, funnel cakes dusted in powdered sugar are for sale, colorful cotton candy, savory fried corn, kettle popcorn, and turkey legs vie for attention, along with all kinds of other fair food. I have to limit myself and the grandchildren with the urge to indulge all my senses with fair food--lest I get sick and them too.

"Feasting on fair food is always fun..."

It’s hard to pass up the midway games where it’s challenging to win that coveted prize. I’ve had to settle on the easier games like the Pick A Duck, Gone Fishing, Bust-a-Balloon or the Ring Toss. You can spend a small fortune just to “win” a cheap toy, but it’s about the merriment of it all. And watching the children’s eyes glow with delight is part of the fun.

I’d have to say though, that the animals are my favorite part of attending the fair. Just walking through the barns takes me back to my childhood and having horses and a few farm animals. The smell of cattle, goats, and sheep brings me fond memories rather than aversion. Going to the petting barn gives me as much joy as it does my granddaughters who squeal with pleasure right along with the pigs. Laughter fills my heart with happiness just watching their delight.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the fair before Covid struck our world and the fair was shut down. The concerts and the rodeo were cancelled too. But this year, I’d like to don my jeans and cowboy boots and take my grandchildren to a rodeo to experience part of my childhood. The concerts will have to wait until they’re older.

It’s also fun to drag them into the Hall of Industry to see all the vendors selling their wares and products and to pick up a few gifts for family and friends and to escape the crowded outdoors where lines form for the games, rides, and food vendors.

"Take me to the fair..."

Take me to the fair and back to childhood! Maybe it would be good for you to experience the fair this year too and recapture a bit of your own childhood delights--especially after the past few years we’ve all had with the pandemic. It would be fun to ride a ride, splurge on some junk food, try your hand a game, enjoy the barn animals or attend a rodeo or concert. Go be a kid again and let laughter fill your heart, even though your bank account may be diminished.

Laughter and joy come from God. And He said we are to be like little children in order to see and inherit the kingdom of God. It’s fun to be a child again and have that childlike wonder, expectation, hope, and joy.

"Laughter and joy come from God..."


Be like a little child. Can you see the world with fresh eyes of wonder? Can you open your heart to My delights and all of My goodness for you? Can you anticipate a gift I would surprise you with just like winning a prize at the fair? Come to Me and be refreshed. Come and taste and see how sweet I am like cotton candy and a caramel apple. Find delight in Me just as I delight in you. Be like a little child this day with awe-like wonder and expectation. You are My beloved.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8)

"Be like a little child again..."


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