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"I'm feeling rather blue..."

Today I’m feeling rather blue

The physical trials have

Worn me down

And unrelenting pain

Has colored my world blue.

I’ve cried too many

Unwanted tears of pain

And frustration

Do you think tears are

Ever the color of blue?

I’m feeling rather blue today

And sad at having

Another hard day

All my plans have come to a

Screeching halt of

Forced rest yet again

Under my blue blanket.

But why is the color blue

Used to express emotions like

Pain and sorrow

Or grief and sadness

And even depression?

"I love the color blue..."

I love the color of blue:

It’s the cornflower sky

On a clear summer’s day

Like an artist has painted a

Beautiful canvas of cerulean blue

To brighten your day with joy!

I love the color blue:

It’s the color of the oceans’ waters

In shades of azure to turquoise

And it beckons you to come close

To splash, swim, play, and explore

The wonder’s along the shoreline

Or in the depths of the mysteries

Hidden beneath blue waters!

I love the color blue:

From my favorite dark midnight blue

Sapphire ring I inherited

To my unusual lapis lazuli jewelry

Or a light blue topaz ring and more

Unique items for special occasions

Rare gems to create beautiful jewelry

Expressing devotion and affection

Gifts of blue love.

"You can't feel blue just looking at them..."

I love the color blue:

I collect special blue and white

Antique English dishes called

“Doulton Watteau Flow Blue”

That grace my walls and shelves

In a wonderful display of color

Used only on noteworthy occasions

These dishes are simply beautiful

You can’t feel blue just looking at them!

I love the color blue:

It’s my favorite color to decorate with

In its various shades from navy

To baby blue with accents of cobalt

And shades of Indigo in decor

Everywhere in my home

Blue brightens any room.

I love the color blue:

My garden explodes with vibrancy

And life with my favorite blue irises

Hydrangeas and blue delphiniums

Mixed in with other flowers and plants

In various colors in my yard drawing

Birds, bees, and butterflies to their beauty

Blue is simply stunning!

"I love blue hydrangeas..."

So why is the color blue

Associated with sorrow and pain

Or used to paint words like

Sadness and suffering

Or despair and more?

I think they’ve

Colored and labeled

Blue all wrong

I may be feeling blue

But blue makes me happy!

(By: Melanie Boutiette, August 31, 2022.)


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