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"He died for us..."

“Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

They cried.

“Forgive them!  Forgive them!”

He replied.


The mass marched in procession

In this parade of death.

He stumbled along

Gasping for breath.


The people cheered and mocked

This bloodthirsty crowd.

He silently staggered and

Prayed with head bowed.


A crowd united in the

Crucifixion of One Man.

But the Savior alone

Took death in His hands.


They thought they commanded

His life and His death.

But He was LIFE itself

And gave up His breath.


The guilty convicted

That day of all sin.

The Righteous One crucified

To bring man’s redemption.


The same crowd that demanded

He be crucified.

Did not understand

He was eternal life.


They offered Him death:

“Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!”

They cried.


He brought them life:

“Forgive them!  Forgive them!”

He replied.


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