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Who Is This MAN?

"He is more than a man..."

Who is this Man

From Galilee,

Who calms the storms

And commands the seas?


Who is this Man

Who but speaks a word,

That the demons obey

When His voice is heard?


Who is this Man

That by His command,

Life for others

Is restored again?


Who is this Man

When He draws near,

The mute can speak

And the deaf can hear?


Who is this Man

This Nazarene,

Who heals the lame

And makes the blind to see?


Who is this Man

Who breaks the bread,

So all are nourished

And spiritually fed?


Who is this Man

The Son of God,

Who has authority over death

Resurrection through the cross?


Who is this Man

Who is Jesus to me,

Is He the Christ

And do I believe?


“Who is this man that even the winds and seas obey Him?” (Matt. 8:27)


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