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Heaven's Home

"Katie, you radiated beauty in all our lives..."

If you should

Make it home

To Heaven

Before I do,


Then greet

My family members

And even a friend

Or two.


If I should

Be the first

To leave this world

And die,


Then I will simply

Watch and wait

For you in the

Sweet by-and-by.


If you should

Journey on

Ahead of us all

Still here,


Then know

We will grieve

Your loss

And shed many tears.


But if I should

Be the one

Who leaves

Before all of you,


Then in Heaven’s home

I’ll wait with joy

‘Til I see my

Loved ones anew.

(Dedicated in honor of Katie Disney, Katie suddenly passed away on February 5, 2024. She leaves behind her beloved husband Daniel and their two beautiful children, Madelyn and Miller. Yesterday, her family and friends had a celebration service of her life. Katie never met a stranger and her big personality in that tiny body filled up a space or room everywhere she went. She is now a bright and shining soul in Heaven. We miss you our darling Katie!)


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