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A True Friend

"You stood by my side."

When I was sick

You came sat by my side,

When I did weep

You dried the tears in my eyes.

When I was too weak

You helped me be strong,

You took ahold of my hand

And led me along.

When the darkness

Was too great,

You brought the light

And pointed the way.

When grief overwhelmed

And flooded my soul,

You held me close

Until again I was whole.

Prayers in the night

On bended knee,

Kept me ever before

God and eternity.

Through sorrows, through joy,

Through laughter, through tears,

Through hardships and blessings,

With each passing year.

You stood by my side

And came to my aid,

A true friend you are

And love is what you gave.

(By: Melanie Boutiette; June 30, 2021. Dedicated to all the friends and loved ones who have faced difficulties and hardships and know the support and love of friends.)

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Darlene Hardin
Darlene Hardin
Jun 30, 2021

❤️ Wonderfully written

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