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And All Is Well

"Gather me Lord in Your arms."

The storms of life

Against me rage,

But hide me Lord

In Your secret place.

I need a refuge

From all life's harms,

Gather me Lord

In Your arms.

I run to You

And find shelter there,

Where I am safe

And in Your care.

For You oh Lord

Are my covering,

It’s there I find

The peace You bring.

And all is well…

Should I descend

Into a chasm dark,

Then hide me Lord

Within Your heart.

Though shadows fall

In places of deep night,

Your Presence is there

To bring the light.

When darkness descends

And I’m in despair,

Come oh Lord

Tabernacle with me there.

And in this place

Of deep suffering,

Safety is found in the

Shadow of Your wings.

And all is well…

Cover me with

Your canopy of love,

Let my mind dwell

On things above.

Though sickness may

Take me from my home,

With You oh Lord

I’m never alone.

You are my help

My secret abode,

I hide in You

And there find hope.

No matter my trials

Or where I dwell,

You’re there with me

And all is well.

And all is well…

(By: Melanie Boutiette: dedicated to so many people who face the deep trials of physical suffering; circa May 20, 2021.)

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Unknown member
May 21, 2021

Yes, this definitely pertains to Kendall right now. Keep her in your prayers! Love you Mel ❤️

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