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Are You Weighted Down?

"Are you weighted down with worries and cares?"

Are you weighted down with worries?

Are you weighted down with cares?

Then take every need and concern,

To the God who longs to bear.

Are you burdened with life’s trials?

Are you burdened with daily strife?

Then take every trial and problem,

To God find peace and new life.

Are you troubled by new circumstances?

Are you troubled by hardships all around?

Then take every circumstance with prayer,

To God and let His grace abound.

He’ll lift the load you carry,

Or carry you with the load.

He’ll take away the burden,

Or help you with grace bestowed.

He’ll change the trouble you face,

Or change the way you face the trouble.

And He will often replace it all,

With blessings by the double.

In every circumstance and situation,

Let God’s grace abound.

In every trial and trouble,

Let God’s peace be found.

(By: Melanie Boutiette © 6/4/2021.)

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