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Back-Out Back-Down

"Back problems are just a pain in the back..."

I’m backwards

With this

Back of mine.

My back is out

And so is

My spine!

I’ve backed-off

From any

Normal routine.

And now nothing

Comes between

Me and my bed it seems.

While my backside

Screams for attention

And shouts loud and clear.

It’s making

Itself distinctly known

That I can feel and hear.

My back flipped out

When I tried

A new exercise.

Now this pain

In my back

I try to exorcise.

I’ve been backed

Into a corner

With all of the pain.

I need my

Spine realigned

Inside of my frame.

And now my

Back’s up against

The wall.

So all activity

Has come to a

Complete stall.

Until my back

Is back in place

Where it belongs.

Hopefully now

It won’t take

Too terribly long.

I need to back-up

And back-down

From all activity today.

Until I’m straight

And my back

Is really okay.

And until I find

A way out of this pain

And away from the stress.

So today, for now

I lay flat on my back

And I rest!

(By: Melanie Boutiette, © September 13, 2006. This was an old poem I wrote while I was down and out with back problems from exercising! It's certainly relevant again. I hope you draw encouragement and some laughter!)


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