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Cry Of The Refugees

"I see their suffering and I cannot look away..."

I look at all the refugees

The mass of humanity,

And the people in this

Place gathered there…

In their faces I see

Such hopelessness,

In their eyes untold

Suffering and great despair…

Frail from hunger and

Bodies weak of strength,

Eyes glazed over with

The stare of death…

Starvation robbing

Some of their life,

And watching their

Labored breath…

I look upon

Their suffering,

And I cannot

Look away…

I weep the tears

They can no longer cry,

And then let my heart

Give sway…

To this mass of humanity

Upon this sea of suffering,

And then I grasp

The heart of God…

That looks with compassion

And reaches out,

For mankind

From heaven up above…

To assist and touch

Each suffering person,

To help and send

A desperate lifeline…

To save each person

One helpless life,

One helpless soul

One individual at a time…

To feed their hunger

And quench their thirst,

To offer life and

Fill their empty souls…

To clothe their nakedness

And dress them in dignity,

To restore them once again

And to make whole…

To bring the healing touch

And gentle holy care,

To touch their fevered brow

And nurse them back to life…

And as I send an offering

I’m helping each one,

As though I were standing there

And acting just like Christ.

(By: Melanie Boutiette © 11/29/05. Dedicated to Life Today as they minister and rescue so many needy people and especially refugees! While I wrote this poem many years ago, it certainly applies to today as we watch the mass of suffering refugees leaving the Ukraine. And again, I am reduced to tears and action as I simply cannot look away.)


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