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Dappled Light

"Musical wind chimes proclaim Your Presence."

Dappled light filters down

Through the foliage of the trees

Casting Your light and shadows

In my garden…

Gentle breeze blows

Through the trees and

Causing them to sway and dance

In rhythm to the current’s leading…

Musical wind chimes proclaim

Their tinkling announcement

Of Your gentle Presence

In response to the zephyr…

Melodious songbirds

Sing their love songs

In the flowering garden

Like Your call of love…

Come brighten my being

With Your light…

Come blow through my mind

With Your breath of life…

Come and proclaim to my heart

Your gentle Presence…

Come sing over my soul

With love songs oh Creator

In the dappled light of morning…

(By: Melanie Boutiette, circa July 2021. Reflections on garden moments.)


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