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Did The Angels Wonder?

"Did the angels stand in silent wonder...?"

Did the angels stand

In silent wonder

While the cosmos

Held its breath,

Watching while the

King of Glory

Stepped into mere

Mortal flesh?

Did the message

Angels delivered

Make them wonder

At God’s ways?

A virgin mother

A poor man father

Called to parent

The Ancient of Days.

While angels sang

And declared

His birth—Immanuel

Now God with man.

Did they wonder

How Flesh and Glory

Came to take

His rightful stand?

Did they wonder

That God eternal

Descended to the

Mortal realm,

Giving up His

Rightful rule

Embraced a cross

And thorny crown?

Did they weep

While watching Savior

Crucified a

Criminal’s death,

And looked in horror

Not understanding

When Jesus drew

His last earthly breath?

And when His

Glory—life eternal

Burst the bonds

Of death and sin,

Did the angels

Sing, rejoicing

Knowing now

The WAY for men?

Do the angels

Still sing, rejoice

When one lost soul

Finds new life?

For they have watched

Since time beginning

How Creator came

For man to die.


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