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Do You Grow Weary?

"I may be weary, but You are never weary."


Do You grow weary Lord,

Of all my doubts and mumblings

When I am suffering Lord?


Do You grow weary Lord,

With all the complaints

And all my grumblings?

Instead of trusting You

Fear takes its place

On the throne of my heart

Crowding You out.

Instead of believing You

Doubts can roll in and

Block out hope with

The dark storms of life.

And my mouth runs

Like a wild river

With a stream of fearful talk

And foul waters at times.

Fear, anger, and anxiety

Can fill my heart,

Like a flood of polluted streams

In the course of the day.

Yet You want me

To always trust You

No matter the trials, difficulties

And the storms of life.

For You are good

You are a faithful Savior

A Deliverer when

There is no way of escape--

A peace that passes all understanding.

You are Hope

When all seems so hopeless.

You are my Helper

From ages past

And the Ancient of Days.

You say to:

Cast all my cares on You

For You care for me.

You say to:

Fear not for I am with you.

Help me once again

To trust You and

To believe that

You are good.

I don’t want to

Weary You Lord

With all my mumblings

All my grumblings

That come from pain or a

Heart of fear and doubt.

I may be weary,

But You are never weary…

Help me to believe You.

(By: Melanie Boutiette © 9/17/05. Relevant for today's health struggles.)


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