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First Cold Day Of Fall

"I want to rest in this moment..."

I want to rest

In this moment on

This first cold day of fall

No pressing schedules

No demands for my

Time and attention…

Curled up on the couch

A cup of hot coffee in hand

Nothing to pull me away

So, I want to remain

In the peace and quiet

While I seek You Lord…

All my plans for travel

Came to a screeching halt

And I wondered if You

Wanted me, this day

And the weekend

To be alone with You…

Time to seek You

Time to reevaluate

Time to recommit

Time to be renewed

Time to be cleansed

Like a deep fall house cleaning…

As I seek You

I humbly ask You

To join me here

Draw close Lord

With a blanket and

Cup of hot coffee

On this first cold day of fall.

(By: Melanie Boutiette © 10/13/06.)


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