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Glad Tidings

"He is risen!"

Glad tidings, glad tidings

This resurrection morn,

No more forsaken

No more forlorn.

For Jesus has conquered

Sin and death,

Through His resurrection

We have eternal rest.

The perfect sacrifice

The perfect Lamb,

Through His offering and life

Death now has an end.

For He took our place

He gave His life,

An offering for sin

His perfect sacrifice.

Glad tidings, glad tidings

This glorious morn,

We rejoice in the resurrection

No more do we mourn.

For He is the Truth, the Life,

And the Way,

He paid the price

On this resurrection day.

No more eternal death

No separation from sin,

Jesus Christ is alive

New life now begins!

The Son has risen

And conquered death,

Through His sacrifice

We have eternal breath.

Glad tidings, glad tidings

This Easter morn,

The Son is alive

A new day is born.

(By: Melanie Boutiette, circa April 4, 2021.)

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