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Head Bowed Heart Lifted

"Humbly I turn my attention to You."

Head bowed, heart lifted

Humbly I come,

Before God Almighty

The Eternal One.

Humbly I turn

My attention to You,

You are the Way,

The Light and the Truth.

Head bowed, heart lifted

I confess all my sin,

And ask Your forgiveness

Wash me clean again.

And as Your Presence

Washes over me,

I am renewed,

Restored and redeemed.

Head bowed, heart lifted

I pray to You here,

And humbly do ask

That You would draw near.

Eyes turned to heaven

I think of You there,

Then bring my requests

And needs in prayer.

Head bowed, heart lifted

I worship You my King,

And now to God Eternal

A praise offering I bring.

I praise You God Almighty

I adore You this day,

I thank You great Creator

Now, forever, and always.

(By: Melanie Boutiette © 1/12/07.)


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