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Hummingbird Lessons

"God wants to satisfy you just like this hummingbird..."

Today was an unusually cool summer morning. Much-needed rain the night before had brought relief from the blistering heat of summer. With fans blowing on the screened-in porch, I sat in morning solitude sipping my coffee, enjoying the weather and quiet. The water fountain in the background soothed my soul with its flowing sound.

Rainbow glass hummingbird feeders hanging in the garden glimmered in the morning sunlight. Suddenly, a hummingbird flew to a newly hung feeder filled with the glimmering sweet ruby red water reflecting the light. The movement caught my eye and attention.

I delighted in watching the hovering bird take its fill. I watched as it flew to a nearby crepe myrtle tree to rest. But this dance of eating and resting continued until the bird was satisfied and flew off with renewed energy.

The tiny bird’s iridescent wings glowed in the sunlight while my heart glowed with delight in watching my morning visitor. There’s a lesson in the hummingbird and the sweet provision we had provided this small, delightful creator in my garden. I too was finding nourishment, refreshment, and rest as I communed with the Creator.

Every day, the Creator makes provision for us. That reality is expressed all around us in creation. He delights in giving us every good gift. He delights in providing for us—simply because He loves us. Like Creator, I love His creation and especially these small, miraculous hummingbirds. Just watching them fills my heart with joy.

God’s heart is filled with joy over you each day too. He will provide you with the sweet nectar of life found in relationship and communion with Him. But will you come to Him? Will you let Him awaken your soul to all the wonders of His love and provision for you? Draw near. Drink deeply. He’s waiting.

“They are abundantly satisfied with the fulness of Your house (Presence), and You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures. For with You is the fountain of life; and in Your light we see light.” (Psalms 36:8-9)

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