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Priceless Tears

"Your tears are precious in His sight..."

Priceless treasure

Are your tears,

The loving Savior

Holds them dear.

Each one a jewel

That He collects,

Your sorrow, your pain,

He won’t neglect.

If shed in public

Or shed at night,

Your tears are precious

And holy in His sight.

Whether a storm’s deluge

Or sprinkles of pain,

Bring your tears like an

Offering to His name.

Your soul’s tears

Are like sacred, costly perfume.

He collects each one,

In His heart there is room.

No suffering so deep,

Nor sorrow so great,

No road so hard,

Nor burdened with weight.

But your Comforter is close,

And your Savior is there.

He comforts you dearly,

And shows you great care.

Your tears are priceless,

A treasure to Him.

Let Him hold you close,

Until your sorrow ends.

(For Mercedes and Kathie. June 12, 2023)


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