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Sheep Without A Shepherd

"Jesus is the True Shepherd..."

Sheep without a shepherd

Scattered, lost they roam.

From the sheltered loving care

They have no protected home.

Some to dangerous waters

Where they are swept away.

Others to the wilderness

To wild beast they are prey.

Sheep without a shepherd

Left to their own care.

Many sheep have perished

In their own despair.

On poisoned weeds and grasses

Some sheep do often graze.

Others starved and famished

Wander in a famine maze.

Sheep without a shepherd

Some gather in little flocks.

But without a caring shepherd

The sheep are simply lost.

Weighted down with wooly worries

And loaded with heavy cares,

Crippled and abandoned

The sheep have no one to bear.

Sheep without a shepherd

No one to help the lambs.

They perish to their enemies

Throughout the vast broad land.

No rod or staff or shepherd

To lead or help and guide.

The sheep are lost and wander

Around the dangerous mountainside.

Sheep without a shepherd

The flock is in harm’s way.

When earthly shepherds left their lambs

And simply walked away.

The sheep are lost and scattered

And they have gone astray.

But Shepherd true and faithful

Comes to seek the lost and save.

Come oh, our Ancient Shepherd

Come seek Your little flock.

Restore, redeem, and find each lamb

That’s been abandoned, scattered, lost.

Be their tender Shepherd

Carry them in Your arms.

Shelter, care, and protect each lamb

From all the enemy’s harm.

(By: Melanie Boutiette written while reflecting on all the change in churches, ministries, and the lives of so many people affected without a caring shepherd to guide them.)


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