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Sitting In Divine Favor

"God never forgets our dreams..."

My niece Natalie is a very talented designer having worked in the design industry in Phoenix for over a decade. Natalie is also extremely creative and can paint abstract art, and turn a vintage couch, dresser, or child’s desk into a work of art! God designed her with enormous creative talents.

She is in the throws of doing projects in and around her home while also getting ready for her miraculous second child due in January. She’s feeling that nesting urge that has helped her to have the vision and energy to complete many house projects in a home they bought over two years ago.

In her design talent, Natalie had always wanted a midcentury modern barrel back velvet and caned chair. She said she’d looked for years and always wanted one that reminded her of her loving and supportive Grandma Dianne. But they were always too expensive at antique and vintage stores or too worn and used.

But God remembered a little girl’s childhood raised by grandma and He remembered her adult heart’s longing and desire too. You see He never forgets our longings!

Yesterday, while texting back and forth to my niece I clicked on one of dozens of estate sales and “just started looking!” Not even knowing about her long search and long dream, I saw I chair I thought was cute and sent her the picture. She was ecstatic! It was the exact chair she’d been wanting!

Turns out she had the day off work, the estate sale was near her home, the chair was still there, and it was in perfect to new condition. And best of all: it was $25, not $250 or more!

God delights to bless His children, and His daughters with every good and perfect gift! He even delights to bless us with His Favor! Natalie quickly paid for and loaded up her dream chair and placed it in her awaiting spot at her home! She’s now literally sitting in His Divine Favor!

"God always remembers..."

How about you? What longings and dreams do you have that your Father wants to provide for you? Keep trusting Him and obeying Him; in due season favor is headed your way too!


I am your good Father. I know the longings of your heart. I created beauty and I desire for you to be surrounded by things of beauty too. I delight to surprise and bless My children as you walk with Me! Our journey has just begun. I love you my precious one!

"But now Noah (Natalie and you) found favor in the eyes of the Lord." (Gen. 6:8)


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