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Sweet Nectar

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

"Hummingbirds are teaching me life lessons..."

As the long days of summer fade into the twilight of the approaching fall months and cooler weather, I’m relishing the remaining days on our screened-in porch. Blown glass feeders hang from the eaves of the porch around the outside. The beautiful stained-glass feeders and red perches are a constant draw to the little hummingbirds that flit about endlessly throughout the day.

The sweet nectar of life draws the birds back time and time again. I delight watching them as they seem to dance and hover or perch drinking their fill and their delight. These little hummers are a joy to watch.

But soon, these little creatures will have to take flight to the regions of Mexico and Central America in search of warmer climates. I marvel at the thought that these tiny hummers can fly hundreds if not thousands of miles making this trek back and forth every year.

How is it possible that these tiniest of birds can fly such great distances? How do they endure such a long journey perhaps fraught with great danger, adversity, and obstacles like storms, hurricanes, or even other predatory birds?

The secret has to be the sweet nectar that sustains them and also prepares them for the arduous journey south. My little bird friends are teaching me a great lesson in life once again as I observe them. Hummers feed continuously throughout the day and are known to visit up to 1,000 flowers a day or to feed on sweet nectar in five to eight doses per hour. That’s a lot of nectar.

We all need sustenance and nourishment in life daily— not just physically, but for our spirit and soul as well. And we have to keep coming back to God over and over again. And maybe hourly just like these hummingbirds.

God created us as human beings to need more than just having our physical needs met. We need family and friends to sustain our soul. We need spiritual satisfaction in His Word and in fellowship with other believers. Only then will we find that sweet nectar to sustain us through life’s trials, storms, or difficulties and this journey called life.

Turns out, we’re not much different than hummingbirds after all! We need food certainly but we need friends or people to help us on life’s hard road. We also need spiritual sustenance found only as we draw near to God and drink deeply in His Word or His Presence. Let Him fill you up and sustain you for whatever journey or trial you face.

"Drink until you are satisfied..."


I created you to have these longings in your heart for more than what the natural world can provide. I Am not just the Bread of Life or the Water of Life,; I Am that sweet nectar of life in which you can draw all the sustenance you need daily, or hour by hour should you need it. Come to Me beloved one and drink until you are satisfied.

“I long to drink of You, O God, to drink deeply from the streams of pleasure flowing from Your Presence...” (Psalms 42: 1)


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