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Ten Pounds Or More

"Ten pounds or more have found me..."

Ten pounds or more

Have found me.

I’m just not sure

When or how it happened

But ten pounds or

More have found me

They crept in

And snuck in unaware.

It seems like

They packed their

Bags and moved right in

And set up residence

In this body of mine.

And like some family members

Long overstaying their welcome

They’ve come to live

And make themselves

Right at home.

Ten pounds or more

Have found me.

"This new visitor just showed up at my door..."

Or like an unexpected guest

This visitor arrived at

My door one day

Or rather my bathroom scale

Announcing their arrival

With flamboyance and flair!

This new visitor of mine

Has crowded their

Way into my life

And pushed my

Clothes right out

Of the closet.

Either that

Or somehow

This guest has changed

The settings on

The washer and dryer

Making my clothes

Shrink and be too

Tight to wear.

Ten pounds or more

Have found me.

"It keeps begging to be fed..."

Like a stray dog

Begging at my door

I showed compassion

Some sympathy

And fed the brutal beast

But now the

Animal won’t leave!

I keep trying to chase

It off or shoo it away

But then after running

It returns begging

With its pitiful eyes

And mournful stare

To be fed again.

I have a new pet

To feed now

In addition

To my new family members

And arriving guests

At my residence.

Ten pounds or more

Have found me.

My husband

Says he doesn’t

Notice or mind all the

New guests


And the nagging pet

In this home of mine.

He even says

He likes all

The company

I am keeping

But I wonder

If he’s telling the truth.

For I know that my

Scale and the dryer

Don’t lie

And it’s getting

A bit crowded

In this home of mine.

And when I

Remind him

That I may

Have to fill

My closet with new clothes

For my new companions

Who have robbed me of much

In my attire…

I can tell

He’s looking closer

And thinking maybe

It’s time

For the relatives

To leave

And the guests to pack

Their bags and go elsewhere

And that I shouldn’t be so

Quick to feed the beast

Whenever it barks and begs!

Ten pounds or more

Have found me.

And it’s time they go away!

"It's time they go away..."

1 Comment

Feb 09, 2022

This is so good!!🤣 and many, many can empathize with you here!!!! You are not alone! But most importantly, you are beautiful inside and OUT And a child of the King. But I do love this, and you, and new clothes …. Lol :), Joy

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