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Tornados And Our Passover Lamb

"Jesus is our Passover Lamb, always..."

Having celebrated Passover and Easter just a few weeks ago, the reality of just WHO the Passover Lamb is, came to life in a greater reality. On March 31st, the forecasters were predicting severe weather throughout Arkansas. They were declaring possible tornadoes. As a result, some schools or businesses released their students and employees early.

I have lived through three previous tornados having been raised in Oklahoma. Tornados are a frequent phenomenon in the flat plains of that area. Arkansas has had many storms over the years. But I’ve never been close to a tornado in our great capital city; that is until last week.

While the newscasters predicted the bad weather and my husband warned me not to be out and about during those hours the storm was due to pass over Little Rock, I failed to heed any warning. Instead, I thought I had plenty of time to run my errands. I thought I would be safe and that it was yet another false warning.

I was wrong.

"The tornado passed right over us..."

On that fateful Friday, I was smack dab in the middle of a major storm. Sirens were blasting. My husband was calling. My children were texting. The clouds looked ominous. All the signs were there to heed the warning. “Take shelter. There’s a tornado on the ground and it’s headed your way.” Glancing at the skies, I recognized the signs. And like a madwoman, I drove frantically, speeding, darting around other cars, and taking shortcuts to my home close by. In less than five minutes, I pulled into my garage and dashed to our storm shelter. I quickly hid in the library we built for our antique book collection, but also as a shelter. As I cried and stayed on the phone at times with different family members, I prayed the storm would pass by, and that Jesus would be our sacrificial Passover Lamb and keep my loved ones and others safe.

The tornado passed over my home but sadly struck several neighborhoods close by and the shopping center right where I had been a few minutes before. The tornado roared throughout different areas of Little Rock and neighboring cities, wiping out entire neighborhoods, destroying people’s homes, or sheering off roofs and decimating property, possessions, cars, and more. Some individuals were severely injured. Others lost their lives or lost loved ones. This time, it was not a false warning as the large storm wreaked havoc all over cities and towns as it barreled its way through Arkansas. In truth, it’s a miracle that more lives were not lost from that catastrophic storm.

"The storm caused great destruction..."

We had just celebrated Passover on Wednesday, April 5th, and Easter on April 9th. Jesus is our Passover Lamb. He sacrificed Himself to pay the penalty of sin and to restore us to the right relationship with God. In the Old Testament, the Jews had to gather together safely and offer a sacrificial lamb on that first Passover.

Obedience to God’s command saved them from death and then God delivered them.

After that storm passed over me, my family, relatives, and so many friends and neighbors, I was so thankful and appreciative of answered prayer. Not that God was bringing judgment on individuals in Arkansas on that fateful day. But for me, I couldn’t help but see the spiritual truths. Unlike those early Jews, I failed to heed my husband’s warning or the weathermen. I thought it was simply another false warning. But God was merciful and spared me.

When God warns us, like the weathermen, it’s wise to heed the warning, listen to caution, and follow good advice. God sees the danger ahead or the plans of the enemy. God always wants to be our shelter and our Passover Lamb. We are wise to listen and obey.

"We had just celebrated Passover and Easter..."


Do you know that I am for you and I am not against you? My Word and My Holy Spirit are guides for you to follow and you are wise to heed instruction. I am a good Father and under My wings, you can always find shelter and protection from the storms of life in every form. I will dispatch My angels to guard and protect you as well as you cry out to Me. I am for you, always. I love you beloved one.

“For Christ, our Passover, is sacrificed for us.” (1 Corinthians 5:7b)

“God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

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Shelley Wadley Vance
Shelley Wadley Vance
Apr 23, 2023

Yep we had two passovers in the same week. Really if we think about it, we have Passover in a sense daily. God keeps the enemy from harming us constantly. But He is ultimately a sovereign God and allows us to go through the troubled waters sometimes. Just remember our enemies can’t swim:))

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